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It’s SMOOTHIEBOWL TIME Fruits ‘n’ Flowers frozen cauliflower (I ran out…


Fruits ‘n’ Flowers 🌸🌺

🌸frozen cauliflower (I ran out of frozen bananas)
🌺frozen strawberries
🌸frozen mango
🌺cacao powder
🌸 greek yoghurt
🌺 oat milk

🌸 oats
🌸 raspberries
🌺 chiaseeds (hidden)
🌸 coconutflakes

my bowls never disappoint me🤤 I am so happy we have our blender. My only problem it that it has not enough watt so it doesn’t work as well and it takes a lot of time and effort to blend everything well. One time I had a huge chunk of cauliflower and don’t get me wrong I love cauliflower but not if my brain thinks it’s a frozen banana chunk😂😅. Yep that’s 100% me😇. Hope you enjoyed this little side story behind my smoothiebowl obsession😊
If you can recommend a price-worthy blender feel free to dm me😌.

Long story short this is the end of the novel🌴

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