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In need of a post-workout breakfast? I got you I did my workout before breakfas…

In need of a post-workout breakfast? I got you☺️

I did my workout before breakfast today. The workout and my breakfast as well hit different 😍
The workouts I did was bomb, I smashed it💪🏻
The breakfast was filling and ladies with protein.


Omelet: 2 egg whites and one egg yolk with baby spinach and tomatoes🤩
Tip: cover the pan with a lid, this will help to achieve a fluffy consistency.

50g oats cooked in 180ml hazelnut milk and water. I added 10g of hemp protein, cinnamon, 5g chia seeds, and 5g flax seeds.
Once it thickened I took it if the stove and add it to a beautiful bowl and topped it with a fig, pomegranate seeds, and a banana.

It was so yummy.

Have a nice day and a beautiful Saturday💗

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