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I hopped on the trend: CHILLED OVERNIGHT-OATS I am honest with you guys, it too…

I hopped on the trend: CHILLED OVERNIGHT-OATS🤩

I am honest with you guys, it took me a lot of time to finally figure out how to do this properly. I was very close to give it up but the third try was finally a success😅

I didn’t think that this will be so hard for me but I guess I am just a stupid ass😂

On the first try, I hadn’t enough yogurt. As I tried it the second time I put the yogurt too early on top of the oats so it’s drowned🤦🏻‍♀️

Last but not least I made it😅 and let me tell you it was worth it😍

This can be vegan or not it’s up to you🥰


– 70g oats
– 180ml oat milk (I used cacao oat milk oatly)
– 10g chia seeds
– 5g flax seeds
– 25g chocolate protein powder (vegan if you want to)
– 150g almond yogurt
– some fruits

1️⃣ make the overnight-oats by mixing the oats with oat milk, protein powder, and the seeds

2️⃣ let it sit until the oats soaked the liquid

3️⃣ add the yogurt on top, cover, and put it into the fridge overnight

Somehow my oats tasted like marshmallow😂 and the smell was heaven🦋

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