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CHOCOLATE AND BERRIES OATS This breakfast was heavenly delish can’t get over th…


This breakfast was heavenly delish🤩 can’t get over this beauty🤫

I already posted my berry-baked oats. This is another version of a berry-kissed breakfast💗

– 65g oats
– 25g chocolate protein powder myproteinde
– 250g oat milk
– 7g chia seeds
– 6g flax seeds
– blueberries and raspberries
– chocolate
– hemp hearts
– 35g low-fat quark + a splash more milk

1️⃣ cook your oats with the chia seeds and flax seeds and add the protein powder – add a few berries

2️⃣ mix the quark with a bit more liquid so it gets a bit runny

3️⃣ top the oatmeal with the quark and add more berries, chocolate, and hemp hearts



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