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Best way to eat the feta pasta-trend option to go vegan It’s pasta time again a…

Best way to eat the feta pasta-trend🤯🤤 option to go vegan

It’s pasta time again😊 and this time I made another way of the feta pasta-trend. There are no words for the incredible taste💗

So here is the recipe

– 100g pasta
– 180g mushrooms
– 150g spinach (can be frozen)
– 30g red onion
– 1 garlic clove
– 90g feta cheese (vegan)
– olive oil

Salt, pepper, Italian herbs, chili powder

1️⃣ cut the mushrooms and the onion into slices

2️⃣ add them to an ovenproof dish along with the feta and the (defrosted) spinach – drizzle some olive oil on top and season

bake for 20min at 220°C

3️⃣ cook the pasta

4️⃣ smash the feta cheese and add the pasta – you might need some liquid you can use oat milk or pasta water

5️⃣ enjoy💜


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